What service do you want to receive from a professional rating advisor?

Logically, this will include the provision of specialist advice on the scope for reducing your overall rates liability, due diligence in case preparations and the expertise necessary to agree the lowest outcomes on actions taken.

In a practical sense it will involve a good working relationship with your advisor, along with professional consultancy parameters that keep you updated on case progress and continue to explore rates saving opportunities over the entire Revaluation period.

The provision of meaningful value in a wider context is also important.

We believe the added benefits should also cover:

  • Checking annual rate demand calculations
  • Review of historic recovery angles
  • Provision of budgetary advice, where required
  • Regular updates

Why are we good at what we do for our clients?

Vail Williams LLP is a long established regionally based professional property consultancy with an expertise in business rates mitigation. We represent many organisations of various sizes on all types of commercial property across the country.

We believe our work starts with gaining an in-depth understanding of your premises – this means detailing the size, age, specifications and way your space is utilised, as well as the environment in which each property is situated.

A selection of our rating clients: