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The Valuation Office Agency is conducting another revaluation of all commercial properties in preparation for the next Rating List coming into effect on 1st April 2021. Official forms known as “Requests for Information” are being issued to business ratepayers with penalties for non-completion – need help completing these forms, contact us.

We were told the process of appealing business rates assessments and challenging liabilities through the Check, Challenge, Appeal system would be fairer to the ratepayer, transparent and simpler to navigate, the evidence proves the opposite.

The VW step by step guide will take you through the process of registering yourself and your business on the VOA CCA website, as well as appointing us as your business rates agent.

Legislation is being discussed by Government to time limit recoveries of business rates refunds, we need to take action now.

Please call our freephone helpline on +44 (0)1293 612600… or simply complete the Business Rates Audit request form on the right of this page and a member of our surveying team will contact you.