• Parade of shops


    RV reduction of 13%

    Parade of shops, Sunninghill, Berks

    Rateable value reduction of 13% for all businesses along high street

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  • The Pantiles


    £17,500 reduction in rates liability

    The Pantiles, The Pantiles - Tunbridge Wells

    National retailer occupying period retail premises, Rateable Value reduced by 15% for masking

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  • Shops affected by building works – Eton Street, Richmond



    Shops affected by building works – Eton Street, Richmond, Richmond upon Thames

    businessrates.com reduce the Rateable Values on 6 shops in Eton Street, Richmond-upon-Thames for the effects of building works.

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  • Delamarie Ltd


    Savings over £14,000 RV

    Delamarie Ltd, London

    Vail Williams acted as the advisors to this firm based in London, helping them apply for small business rate relief

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  • Jack Wills Ltd- Savings Back In Fashion


    Saving of £3,000 RV

    Jack Wills Ltd- Savings Back In Fashion, Bath

    RV reduction of £168,000 to £166,000

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  • Luncinda Ellery Ltd


    Savings over £55,000 RV

    Luncinda Ellery Ltd, London

    RV reduced from £151,000 to £126,000

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  • Anika News


    Savings over £7,600 RV

    Anika News, London

    RV reduced from £10,500 to £9,400

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Retail Overview

You are aware of the Rateable Value that has been applied to your unit.  The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) may also have sent you a copy of the Valuation in order to show how the rateable value has been arrived at. However, unless you are a surveyor or work in commercial property it can be difficult to understand.

Rateable Values for retail space is generally valued on a ‘zoning’ method.  This is where the front area of the shop is deemed to be the most valuable, with the value decreasing towards the back of the retail area.

We can look at the way in which your shop has been zoned and the values applied.  Shops can be very individual in terms of layout, levels, frontage etc, all of which can have an impact on the value.

Also we are all aware on how in one street some parts are busier than others with foot-flow changing depending on key retailers, banks and road lay-outs, all maters that can affect the value of particular retail units.

Additional appeals can be made where trade has been affected by external factors such as road or neighbouring building works, the closure or loss of car-parking or the opening of a new shopping centre.

Please contact or call us immediately and we can provide you with all of the advice that you will need.


“Vail Williams have been dealing with our south of England rating work since the 2000 rating list was published. We wanted to move away from the big, impersonal firms we had been using before then, and Vail Williams was recommended to us. We gave them the work, and they have been with us through all the subsequent revaluations. We like to deal with small, specialist firms whenever we can and Vail Williams are a great example of why: the personal service, the fast responses to unreasonable questions, the bright ideas and the accessibility of Directors who know both what they are doing and what you need from them. And they are nice guys as well!”

Richard Beamer, Property Management Controller - Comet PLC

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