How is my bill calculated?

“Rateable Value” multiplied by the “rate in the pound” = “liability”

Firstly, it is based on the amount of days within the rate year that you are
responsible for the property. Part of the year it may be vacant or maybe you only took the property on halfway through the year?

Secondly, it is based on the property you occupy, the identification of that unit of assessment is controlled by the Valuation Office Agency and is summarised into rateable value.

Thirdly, the “rate in the pound” is based on inflation and it increases each year. Matters can be complicated by the Budget Speech on a year by year basis.

This all produces “the liability”, that amount is payable despite appeals being outstanding. The local authorities have the right to ask for payment in a lump sum if you do not strict to the instalment plan they suggest on the rate demand. Defaulting ratepayers are issued a summons to appear in the Magistrates’ Court where the local authority will apply for a liability order. We have a special team that can assist you in these matters.