Appeal My Rates

If you feel you are over-assessed and paying too much in business rates on your pub, hotel or bar then we can help you.

In order to start working for you we need to know who you are? What property? How to contact you? Please complete the form or phone our Freephone number 08000 710 014

You are entitled to one appeal per property (per ground) and the Appellant must be prepared to back up his appeal with a coherent argument and evidence – that is our job.

Part of the arguments and supporting evidence comprise details of your trade (profit and loss accounts spanning 2008) and details of the lease if you are paying rent, the provision of this information to us – that is your job. Do not worry we will help you.

If you have recently installed extended your property or are affected by a new source of competition such as a Travelodge, a high volume discount pub like J.D. Weatherspoons– then we need to know.