Empty Rates

The Rating (Empty Properties) Act 2007 brought in measures to make landlords pay for vacant property in order to put pressure on the market to re-let and re-occupy commercial property.

In general, industrial properties receive 6 months rates free followed by paying rates at 100% as if they were occupied.  All other properties excluding charities, listed buildings and places of public worship, receive 3 months rates free followed by 100% liability.

Businessrates.com can look at your empty rate liabilities and carry out an audit to reduce your empty rates.  There are various reliefs and substantial case law to give exemptions, roll-over of unused reliefs and to request properties to be split or merged following physical alterations.

We don’t propose that we can obtain unfair reliefs but we do provide substantial amounts of advice to minimise your liabilities in respect of empty property.

(We are aware of various schemes being offered by third party promoters, however there has been recent case law that has stripped away the validity of some of these schemes leaving the Ratepayer paying full rates some years after the relief was given and also paying fees, you should obtain independent legal advice is needed before embarking on one of these schemes.)

Contact us to arrange initial free advice and a property inspection.

Check list:-

  • Is your property a Listed Building (or at least part of it)?
  • How was deemed to be in occupation?  Administrator, insolvent tenant where lease was not disclaimed?
  • Was all of your property vacated on the same day?
  • Is your property able to be split or merged with other vacant parts?
  • Have you established any further reliefs for changes in occupation?
  • Is only part of your property empty?

Businessrates.com can work on a performance related fee to legally and fairly minimise your empty rate bills.