No savings-No Fee

Fees For Rating Valuation Work

Vail Williams and their clients are united by the principle that our work must be cost effective and you, the Ratepayer, do not want to end up by paying fees that are out of proportion with the savings made on your behalf.

For this reason our fees are based on a percentage of savings created by the appeal.

The percentages vary depending on:-

  • The size of your assessment
  • Whether this appeal is part of a portfolio and there are other properties
  • What sort of valuation work is required from us

Fees to appear before a Valuation Tribunal

The only exception to this is in the rare instance when an appeal cannot be negotiated to your satisfaction and it has become necessary to present your case to the Valuation Tribunals. In these instances your written instructions are sought and we make sure you understand the probabilities of winning at the hearing and the financial implications. We will then give you a fixed fee for the case preparation and advocacy and ask you to decide whether you wish to proceed. We never incur Tribunal costs without your instructions to do so.

Savings that last longer than 2 years

Example Rating Appeal (reduction from 1 April 2005)

Appealed RV £64,000 – Vail Williams agreed reduction to £59,000

Savings are as follows:

Year Inflation Rate Original Liability Revised Liability Savings
2005/06 3.10% £27,008.00 £24,898.00 £2,110.00
2006/07 2.60% £27,712.00 £25,547.00 £2,165.00
2007/08 3.50% £28,416.00 £26,196.00 £2,220.00
2008/09 3.50% £29,376.00 £27,081.00 £2,295.00
2009/10 3.50% £30,400.00 £28,025.00 £2,375.00
Grand Total £142,912.00 £131,747.00 £11,165.00

Fee is one year’s savings in rates payable £2,110 + VAT

Savings that last less than 2 years

Other work may produce savings for only a short period such as :-

  • Temporary Allowance for roadworks over 18 months
  • Savings in Rates Payable £8,000.
  • Fee based on 25% at £2,000 + VAT

Savings from forensic work

New Certificate of Value affecting the first year’s transitional relief:-

  • Savings in Rates Payable £2,000
  • Fee based on 35% at £700 + VAT