Cowboy Agent Advice

You will no doubt have been contacted by different companies claiming that they can save you money in your business rates. This may be the case as there are many good and reputable practices of Chartered Surveyors who can provide good advice.

However, you will need to be careful. Some so called ‘rating experts’ are nothing more than cowboy style agents, promising the earth whilst not only delivering very little but often having charges the rate-payer an upfront survey/administration fee. In some cases the ratepayer will have been told that a fee is only payable once the VOA acknowledges the appeal. What is not explained is that every appeal served correctly will be acknowledged, this does not mean the VOA agree the assessment is incorrect but simply a receipt to say that the initial appeal paperwork has been served correctly.

There is no need to pay for this!

We provide free advice, only appealing where we believe there is a case, we only charge a fee in the event that we successfully reduce your business rates.